Politics as Usual

“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.”

— Nikita Krushchev

With Donald Trump and his tribe attempting to re-group in Florida, Biden has moved forward with only a few mentions of the January 6th riot. And, in the Hamptons, little has been said about the fourth adjournment to June 6th of the sentencing of convicted former District Attorney Thomas Spota. However, Spota’s former enforcer, James Burke, has garnered some renewed interest worth noting. It seems that the Gilgo Beach murders, an extensive criminal endeavor that involved the killing of sixteen young women — a case that is still unsolved after ten years — has recently spawned a podcast called “Unraveled,” by Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen. And, that is in addition to “The Lost Girls,” a film about the unsuccessful search and prosecution of the perpetrator(s) on Spota’s watch.

Of course, Spota wasn’t just watching out for criminals. He was searching for “Marks.” Those whose prosecution could continue to fill his coffers — so that his “associates,” ranging from corrupt Assistant D.A.’s who suborned perjury and prosecuted his adversaries for cash “bonuses” — to political adversaries like journalists writing about corruption. According to Steve Bellone, the Suffolk County Executive, as quoted in the podcast “Unraveled” and quoted in Newsday, Spota was running a “Criminal Enterprise,” out of his office. When he is sentenced, he will likely appeal a la Shelly Silver, and never do any prison time. Unlike the 1000 bankers who went to jail during the Savings & Loan fiasco — and, before the likes of Goldman Sachs which finally got smart and installed several former CEO’s like Hank Paulson in D.C. government. Not one banker did any time for destroying American economy in 2008 as described in Michael Lewis’s “The Big Short.”

Unfortunately, borrowers like myself were not so lucky. I’ve written extensively about the experience in as yet unpublished non-fiction accounts of the criminal justice system, prison life, the cesspool of corruption and racism in the Hamptons, the Trump project in SoHo, as well as some dicey Manhattan landlords who have dispatched a few individuals in order to accumulate millions of dollars in real estate.

The characters involved with Deutsche Bank and its notorious subsidiary MortgageIt were infamously involved with a number of characters, as extensively written about in David Enrich’s “Dark Towers.” The bank, along with some others like Wells Fargo and Citibank, as well as numerous mortgage brokers like WCS Lending, walked away unscathed. But Deutsche was involved in mortgage fraud, money-laundering and mirror financing. In fact, the Trump SoHo financing likely came from Deutsche Bank via VTB Bank in Kazakhstan, as confirmed by Sater himself in one of his interviews. Kushner, Trump, Cohen, Sater and some interesting characters who appeared in front of Community Board #2 in 2007 for Trump SoHo (which I and others rejected and demonstrated about), were involved with the Spota and Southampton cabal. it was not only Spota and his gangster friends who tried to destroy journalists and political adversaries.

Stay Tuned.

— D. Clark MacPherson

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