Review of ‘Around the Corner: Reflections on American Wars, Violence, Terrorism, and Hope

Around the Corner offers thought provoking true stories from the Cold War, its bloody aftermath, and our own America today. John W. Davis suggests rain-swept streets and dark corners serve not only as background to these events of his life, but also as metaphor. Around dark corners on a rainy street, what seems at first glance clear or self- evident, might not be so. We see only indistinct outlines, as through a glass darkly. What may be true, could as well be only partly so, or even tragically false. So too with our beliefs about who we are as a nation .Nevertheless, we must make decisions in such a world, a world we’ve neither created nor would have, had we the chance to do otherwise. He observes events, people, laws, chance, and history from the perspective of a soldier, historian, liaison officer, husband and father. 

      Mr. Davis gives us a film noir atmosphere with his collection of intriguing, heart breaking, and insightful essays from the secret world of Cold War counterintelligence to our conflicted America today. Real people and actual events emerge from this collection in ways you won’t forget. He begins with those who influenced him along his life choices. He shows how language study, family military experiences, and a liberal education led him to his problematic career. Each tale draws us deeper into the questions we raise when we demand others serve in the secret world for their country. We discover that many of the dilemmas facing us in international settings impact us in our domestic traumas as well.   

      Davis reminds us that actions in the secret world, especially against spies and terrorists, when conducted by a liberal democracy, give no one a free pass from basic right and wrong, from observance of the law. Our conflicted nation only reflects in highlight what has existed for years in the secret realms of clandestine struggles abroad. You’ll find a strange new world tantalizingly revealed here. You’ll even find reason for hope.

You can purchase this book in various forms from Amazon.

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