The Candidates: Manhattan D.A.

In continuing the series of focal points about the candidates, here is one of the primary issues coming from the Weinstein campaign — white-collar and cyber crime. Here’s her viewpoint on what she plans to do about it.

Tali Farhadian Weinstein for Manhattan District Attorney
The late Robert Morgenthau was fond of saying the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office prosecuted from “the streets to the suites.” This was more than a turn of phrase — it represented a philosophy that put everyone from con artists and embezzlers, to tax cheats and corporations, on notice and held everyone, including the powerful, accountable.

Mr. Morgenthau’s words have never been more important than right now. As Manhattan struggles to recover under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, white-collar and cybercriminals stole nearly $416 million from more than 35,000 of Manhattan’s most vulnerable residents in 2020 alone, representing lost jobs, retiree pension funds, fair wages, and tax revenue we need for the city’s recovery.

I have plans to put white-collar and cyber criminals on notice. As Manhattan DA, I’ll use my experiences as a prosecutor and a manager to hold perpetrators of economic crimes accountable — no matter who they are, what power they yield, their wealth or social status, or what offices they occupy.

Read my comprehensive plan to protect Manhattanites from the rapidly evolving public threat of cyber and white-collar crime.  When white-collar criminals are left unchecked, it’s our most vulnerable who suffer — immigrants, non-citizens, the elderly, workers trying to make a living. That’s why I’m determined to use my experience as a federal prosecutor in the Public Integrity Section, where I ran complex investigations and prosecutions ranging from tax evasion and bribery to economic sanctions violations — and in Brooklyn, where I helped restructure the office to maximize accountability and deterrence — to reinvigorate the Manhattan DA’s storied commitment to fighting economic crime alongside violent crime.

Learn more about my plans to take immediate and sustained action to protect Manhattanites from economic crime here.


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