The Politics of Retaliation

La vengeance est un met que l’on doit manger froid

–Charle Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

Well, there seems to be a lot of that going around these days. Vengeance, that is.

Political vengeance, while we’re on the subject. Not only has Cuomo stepped down but one of the idols of Law Enforcement in Suffolk County, you know, where the Hamptons is located — District Attorney Thomas Spota was visited by Vlad the Impaler today. After years of operating a criminal enterprise — the words of Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, not mine — out of his office, he was sentenced today in Central Islip Federal Court. The ostensible reason was for this and his A.D.A. associate McPartland (Head of Counter-Terrorism and Bag Man) being sentenced for five years was for a cover-up involving the crimes against one Christopher Loeb. In reality, Spota and his Detectives, whom I got to know personally a few years ago when they were intimidating my wife and children, had pissed off FBI agents by tapping their cell phones. That was the real reason for their dogged prosecution.

But, most of this is small time. With fifteen years on the job, what Spota and sidekick McPartland were known for among insiders was the systematic corruption of the court system and elevating payoffs and bribes to a higher level. McPartland was known to visit pols and walk out with paper bags, or else. Judges were placed on the ballot after having been vetted and interviewed as to their docility and willingness to make the right decision — after making a payment. A guy named Frank McKay from the Independence Party helped with the selection process and made sure the proper donations and campaign money were received. And, the cross-endorsement of candidates made election winners a forgone conclusion. Ask Rich Schaeffer, current Brookhaven Supervisor, Spota buddy, and former Democratic Party Chairman how that worked. The current roster of judges is still in place if you’re looking for a beneficial decision. They’ve all paid their dues — literally. Names like F.X. Doyle, Thomas Whalen, and Hudson come to mind.

Former DA Thomas Spota, photo from

So, Spota and McKay’s Suffolk County Court system made all the right decisions, then and now, and when the D.A.’s office needed a conviction, all they had to do was ask. All levels of this pay-to-play operation were available to Spota, his mostly corrupt A.D.A.’s like Thalia Stavrides (openly suborning perjury among witnesses and following through on Spota’s retaliatory prosecutions), and to underlings like the players in the Town of Southampton — the country’s premier racist county. It’s only publication, The Southampton Press, is not an example of fake news — it is an example of no news and is a racist publication that had plenty of space to write about my renting houses to immigrants and Blacks while the Town tried to evict them, but never once mentioned the crimes of Thomas Spota, the illegal houses owned by Southampton Village Detective Herbert Lamison (Howard Stern’s ‘Millionaire Detective’), yet never once mentioned Spota’s criminal prosecution. And, why should they? Why should they write about the ghettos in the Town of Southampton or the Kangaroo Court run out of Southampton Justice Court — where illegal fines are routinely collected due to the zealousness of the Code Enforcement Police — and where justice is a racist fiction.

Spota and McPartland each got five years today — and may never do any time if the pay-to-play operation is never exposed. But, their enablers and co-defendants, like former Supervisor “Skip” Heaney of Southampton, David Betts from Town Hall in Southampton and EastHampton, Joseph Lombardo, Michael Sendlensky and Tiffany Scarlatti from the Town Attorney’s Office, and others, who were part of the cabal that prosecuted me in retaliation for my articles about corruption — who are now waking up to the reality of that “dish best served cold.”

Newsday is doing more research. Books are being written about the depth of corruption. Those characters assisted Thalia Stavrides and Spota’s Detectives — and assisted her by prosecuting a journalist and extracted a plea using the famous Prosecutor’s Extortion Racket. Meanwhile, in addition to the as yet uncovered pay-to-play operation for County Executive Steve Levy’s “friend” Ethan Ellner, who I came to know quite well, is another about to be overturned rock where the infection is festering. Ellner ratted out Levy, and Spota and Stavrides employed him to record and entrap me as well (comically and unsuccessfully). But Ellner ratted out his close friend and convinced Spota to allow him to avoid jail for reporting his bribing Levy. Meanwhile Spota and his Detectives were planning on trying to kill him, according to the FBI.

Why? Because Levy was going to run against Cuomo. Therefore, Spota would theoretically be owed by Cuomo for knocking off credible opponent Levy. So Spota took Levy’s money ($4.1 million) and made him step down in return for not prosecuting him. Talk about illegal. But, few things were illegal to Spota. In my case, I was prosecuted for stealing money. They never found it –because there never was any. It was a fiction. But it was enough of a fiction that The Southampton Press wrote about it and John Sutter’s Villager wrote about it by instructing Lincoln Anderson, his journalistic pimp, to write a hit piece about me (now published in the archives at Schneps Media, that megalith of so-called “community publications”).

Apparently, neither Levy, Spota, or even Cuomo have much to bargain with at the moment, however.

So, why is corrupt A.D.A. Stavrides, a criminal who made her bones prosecuting a journalist for Spota, still working for current D.A. Sini?

Stay Tuned.

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