Denial: Not Just a River in Egypt

“He said, ‘What makes a man a writer? Well,’ I said, ‘It’s simple. You either get it down on paper. or jump off a bridge.”

— Henry Bukowski

As we wend our way through the fog of democracy, Manhattan is starting to look like a shelter for liberals and conservatives who have not yet lost their minds. Eric Adams is the new mayor-elect, Vance will be replaced by Alvin Bragg, Letitia James remains as the Attorney General and the Public Advocate is once again Jumaane Williams.

Adams seems like a smart guy who, since he’s a former cop, may turn out to be more conservative than expected. Bragg seems competent and follows on the heels of Vance, who I helped during his first election. Neither seem like guys who will take a lot of bullshit. James is adored by Downtown but I found her office unresponsive and strangely disinterested — especially, when trying to get help with a criminal landlord. Williams, a former City Council Housing Committee Chair was useless in his former role. Multiple attempts to get assistance went nowhere.

Former D.A. Thomas Spota, in the Hamptons, and his assistant bag man Christopher McPartland, just turned themselves in to Federal prison for five years for operating a criminal enterprise out of the D.A.’s office. The Pay-to-Play operation involving judges and the court system, however, remain. Unfortunately, having done four years courtesy of New York State for having written about that cabal — left me with zero options, no job, and no money. Spota keeps a checking account with $17 million in it, plus a $9,000 dollar pension. It’s good to be a real crook — not some “schmuck-on-wheels” as Murray from Goodfellas said — who believed in 1st Amendment protections. Now there’s denial for you!

Here in America many waited for Trump to leave and anyone else to arrive. Of course, no one expected that after the Mueller report, the truncated whitewash of Russian-American cooperation, a Congressional investigation into January 6th, the failed Bugs Bunny coup and a now anticipated invasion in Ukraine — as those who support the current Constitution try to rewrite the script for “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” of current politics. There are a few commentators out there like James Carville who have been screaming and jumping up and down but, then, again, most of us continue to be in denial. Frankly, Putin seems to be a good bet for our next Vice Presidential candidate. We’re years behind in weapon systems, appallingly behind in internet security, and we are very nice to those who want to destroy our democracy and kill us. We just stand by as Racial cooperation, political activism, Truth, National Security and common sense are eviscerated.

Many of us have decided that, as Ronnie Reagan said when he quoted Larry Hardiman, politics is derived from “Poly” (as in many) and “ticks” (as in blood suckers). We are all seriously in Denial.

Stay Tuned and Happy Holidays!

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