“All work and no pay makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no pay makes Jack a dull boy.”

— Jack Torrence

It struck me that my now repeated stories about how I was crossing the street legally in SoHo and was struck by a car — as it turns out, with no license plate, no registration, no insurance, would be of interest to the powers that be.

First, I filled out forms.

Then, I reported it to the Police.

Then, I repeatedly called the Police

I even let the Transportation Committee on the Community Board know about since this is a hot issue with all of the pedestrians being hit and killed in SoHo.

Then, I even paid a lawyer to sue the City and the individual who hit me.

He got a lawyer and claimed I was lying despite the fact that I had a witness. So, since no lawyer wanted to do this without money up front — and since the City hired a lawyer who only wanted to know if I owed the City any taxes and whether I had a criminal record — I couldn’t afford to follow that up as well. Meanwhile, I called the Police and sent the 1st Precinct several letters. No response — the same with the Community Board.

My last desperate act was to call the new D.A. Alvin Bragg. I’m not sure where that’s going to go because it took three calls to get anyone on the line — and the woman who I spoke to repeatedly ask why I had waited almost a year to report it. Well, I said, I was busy trying to get the police to DO something, She then asked me three more times why I’d waited almost a year.

SoHo is picking up. But, not uniformly. Kenn and Bob’s Broome Street Bar is very busy, the same with Felix. Several other restaurants are busy — but there are several vacant storefronts along West Broadway as well. The Dominick Hotel, the former James (much higher prices), SoHo Grand — are all open. Few masks are being worn which may or may not be a good thing.

While there are many reported cases of Covid — includng my entire family — the infection seems mild and as long as you get the antiviral, I’ve not heard of any serious cases. So far.

Ive finished “Up & Away” about my four year stay in prison; “The Bonfire of the Hamptons” which is about the Vendetta Prosecution I experienced at the hands of now imprisoned D.A. Thomas Spota and the corrupt crowd in the Hamptons and in the courts; and “Murder in SoHo,” a two volume story about a couple of criminal landlords. All are highly interesting historical novels. The 20 volumes of prison memoirs are only for the knausgaard aficionados.

Stay Tuned.

Crossing Watts with the light.
West Broadway coffee shop

Kenn & Bob’s Broome Street Bar

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