What have the little birdies been saying?

“It’s never just a game when you’re winning”

— George Carlin

There are a couple of interesting races, or maybe-races, coming up. Ryder Kessler is running for Assembly, Tom Suozzi for Governor and perchance Pete Gleason for Congress. We’ll keep you posted on the progress each is making and whether the intel is correct. We’ve been in touch and await more information aside from the usual bullshit stories.

Meanwhile, a few candidates already IN OFFICE are not thrilling when contacted for assistance in protecting SoHo. Especially, with regard to pedestrian safety and housing. Just because vacancy decontrol is no linger an issue, for example, doesn’t mean that the landlords have started to love tenants. Au contraire.

And, a funny thing happened on the way to the D.O.T. The Holland Tunnel crowd were being treated to three months of REALLY late night entertainment. As in jackhammers from midnight to six a.m. That was intended to lay pipes for gas. Not to Ukraine, mind you, it could have been to provide gaseousness to the new Disney building or perhaps the Trinity Real Estate conglomerate that maybe will build at Grand/Varick/Canal someday. They’ve promised all sorts of things in return for obtaining good vibes, including a school. My kids will be getting social security by the time that happens.

Anyway, a tough, feisty tenant at one of the Varick street buildings complained to the D.O.T. Commissioner. Apparently, her powers of persuasion were convincing and the late night assault was discontinued.

Look forward to “Up & Away” if you’d like to go to prison in your mind. I did the footwork. Read “The Bonfire of the Hamptons,” if you’re interested in a how-to book to become an investigative journalist who gets a dose of the Hamptons poison called Justice. It worked better than Novochuk and mimics the trials and tribulations of Steven Donziger. And, if you’d like to read about how landlords kill off adversaries and steal real estate the novel “Murder in SoHo,” might interest you. All coming this summer.

Stay tuned.

Didn’t make it.
Made it.

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