Thoughts on Murder

“Some people like what you do, some people hate what you do, but most people simply don’t give a damn.”

— Charles Bukowski

According to Sheriff Joe Lombardo, as reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, investigative reporter Jeff German was stabbed seven times in front of his home and died. Apparently, a local politician, Robert Telles, the Clark County Administrator, is the lead suspect. German was a relentless critic of the corruption in the Telles administration. Of course, innocent until proven guilty, he’ll still have to explain the big straw hat, orange jacket, and sneakers worn by the perp and caught on video. Telles also happened to have cuts on his hands, drove a car that was seen perusing the neighborhood and then had a standoff with police. Plus the clothes in the video were ripped up and found in his house. The fact that Telles is a Democrat, of course, seals his fate.

It’s just another example of how we deal with Truth in this ‘Best of All Possible Worlds.’ At least German wasn’t chopped up like Khashoggi or shot like Politovskaya, who wrote “Is Journalism worth dying for.”

“Investigative journalists have long met with obstreperous and sometimes threatening subjects,” says the Los Angeles Times. Really? I guess with my four years in prison foisted upon me by former D.A. and now Federal convict Thomas Spota — I was lucky.

There’s a tree that’s in the way. Apparently, SoHo has reverted back to Hudson Square now that Trump SoHo has faded into the mist and its function as a Trojan Horse has now brought thirty story buildings downtown. The fact that Ivanka and Don Jr. managed to avoid being prosecuted for violating the Martin Act and Cy Vance had to return $60,000 to Marc Kasowitz, Trump’s attorney, was only in passing as the zoning was bumped up as a result of the 47 story hotel. Everyone was warned by people like Andrew Berman of GVSHP but with Bloomberg and Christine Quinn at the levers of power it was a done deal. The remaining power downtown, of course, rests with the King and Trinity Church. Not Charles III but William III.

So, of concern is the parcel bordered by Varick, Grand and Canal, a lot where for the past several years an outdoor party has been conducted by Gitano. Now that that particular party is over we get down to business — and where, ostensibly, a 27 story mixed-use building is going up at 76 Varick Street. Gitano’s Garden of Love is gone and permits have been filed.

But, what about that tree?

Apparently, a permit to remove that tree has been filed as well and was denied. A tree grows in SoHo? Or, is that Hudson Square? You know, where Occupy Wall Street protestors hung out for a few days. I followed them around down to Foley Square back when. That was before I was sent to prison for being a journalist and exposing corruption in the D.A.’s office and in Southampton. The Town’s economic racism is replete with fake liberals and white supremacists. Ordinary racism is just so passe’ and obvious these days, isn’t it?

Trees are people in SoHo. Tourists we have aplenty. Parks and Trees, not so much. But, if Trinity wants to build, at this point, they gotta go around that tree. Right?

We don’t need another murder.

Stay Tuned.

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