Listen, gang, it’s not only women that are sexually assaulted and it’s not only in social settings that it occurs. While Cuomo was in office he extended the statute of limitations for sexual assault committed by schools, colleges, churches and other institutions.

I’m not writing about that. What I am writing about is the unadvertised problem of these institutions dragging their feet by using lawyers that know how blocked the courts are — to disincentivize accusers and eliminate those who were severely damaged by the actions of a very few.

Take Wagner College, for example. It’s a small Lutheran school on Staten Island whose only claim to fame seems to have been a poet by the name of Edwin Markham Jr. He wrote a poem called The Man with the Hoe. Never heard of him or the poem? No surprise. Neither did I. But, as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, Wagner College was considered to be a Christian school, a place where truth, honesty, morality, virtue, and The American Way was prized.

At least until one of the professors, a pedophile, attacked. But, that’s not the story. That happens a lot.

The story is that Wagner College, the good Christian, American college, defends itself by claiming that it wasn’t their fault. When the professor initiated his attack it wasn’t on school grounds. It was at the professor’s residence where he’d invited students to learn after class. Plus, they didn’t have insurance. How’s that for protecting and defending students?

For those of you who have been attacked, exploited, extorted or abused by those who profess to be your mentors, your guides, your coaches, your therapists, your saviors — be cautious. Take my advice. Don’t expect empathy, sympathy, concern, or even justice. Don’t pick a school like Wagner College. Pick a college where they care about their students..

But, before you call the police make sure they’re insured.

It’s a jungle out there.

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