The Candidates. Vote!

The times is Now. SoHo has specific requirements and it’s not always easy to figure out who will do what once they are in office. I can tell you that a lot of politicians on the local level have been an embarrassment. So, if I miss a couple of candidates interpret it any way you […]

The State of SoHo: An open letter to Senator Kavanaugh

“We don’t even ask happiness, just a little less pain” –Charles Bukowski May 30, 2021 State Senator Brian Kavanaugh, As a journalist who lives in SoHo a couple of problems have gone unaddressed. First, the traffic rules on Avenue of the Americas from Canal Street headed North to Watts street where cars turn into the […]

The Candidates: Senator Brad Hoylman for Borough President

Of what appears to be six current candidates for the Borough President primary for Manhattan only one stands out. I’ve known Brad Hoylman personally for nearly twenty years. He’s a difficult opponent, as I found out in my Community Board days, and he knows the ropes. He’s shown us that in Albany. Few politicians Do […]

The Candidates: Alvin Bragg

For those of you interested in the candidates for District Attorney:  SATURDAY: Elected and Community Leaders to Rally for Alvin Bragg with One Month until Primary Day Marking exactly one month before Primary Day, Alvin Bragg to receive endorsements from elected and community leaders and rally supporters to spread his message. He will hold rallies […]

The Candidates: Christopher Marte

In the final series of candidate articles leading up to the Primary and early voting, here’s a letter from a SoHo resident describing her experiences with Chris, who is running for City Council. It’s a crowded field so pay attention to who is out there. Here’s a letter describing her experiences. Take a look and […]

SoHo Alive

“Life must be lived as play.” –Plato It’s been a while, has it not? While there are doubts about the wisdom of opening up, in light of the continuing disasters in India, Pakistan and Brazil, that seems not to be on the mind of SoHo diners. To the delight of restauranteurs and store owners, on […]

The World Trade Center Disaster

“We don’t even ask happiness, just a little less pain.” -Henry Bukowski Those of us who heard the first plane fly over our apartment building remember the ensuing terror. I thought it was a military jet because it flew so low that it would explain the roar of the jet engines. Suspiciously, I turned on […]

Affordable Housing – Part Deux

“I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.” — Hunter Thompson In few cities across the country would tenants put up with the abuse that thus far has contributed to the quality of life in Manhattan. The dearth of decent quality housing at affordable price has been the long-suffering […]

The Candidates: Manhattan D.A.

In continuing the series of focal points about the candidates, here is one of the primary issues coming from the Weinstein campaign — white-collar and cyber crime. Here’s her viewpoint on what she plans to do about it. The late Robert Morgenthau was fond of saying the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office prosecuted from “the streets […]

The Candidates: Justice and Reform

Several candidates for Manhattan District Attorney have spoken about the trial and conviction involving the death of George Floyd. Alvin Bragg, who some consider to be uniquely positioned to make changes in the functioning of our criminal justice system, has addressed us with the following letter: While yesterday’s verdict was a significant victory for police […]


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