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Covid Redux

“New York is not the place that it was. Everyone’s leaving.” — Donald Trump As the helicopters flew overhead, no doubt searching for wayward protestors, West Broadway was like a walk down memory lane. Several of the restaurants were closed and gone while others were holding on, no doubt in anticipation of the second round […]

Vote Early and Often

— Al Capone One thing that has been learned in SoHo from the BLM movement, regardless of social movements and world-changing cultural upheavals, is that you have to board up your storefronts if things get testy. Apparently, whether Republican or Democrat, glass windows are a constant. This is what democracy now looks like. From Broadway’s […]

Real Estate in SoHo

“Landlords grow rich in their sleep.” — John Stuart Mill With several new condo projects stalled, like the Renzo Piano towers at 565 Broome and hotels like The James and The Dominick closed since March, you would think that rentals were doing well. Not so. Of course, landlords cling to the belief that this pandemic […]

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