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Listen, gang, it’s not only women that are sexually assaulted and it’s not only in social settings that it occurs. While Cuomo was in office he extended the statute of limitations for sexual assault committed by schools, colleges, churches and other institutions. I’m not writing about that. What I am writing about is the unadvertised […]

SoHo: The new Dumping Ground?

Listen, folks, it’s no secret that Manhattan (especially SoHo) has been the location where every politically motivated character first tries to dump their ideas. Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group that wants bikes not cars on Manhattan streets waged a slick, effective campaign using the D.O.T. head Sadik Kahn with input to Bloomberg to set up […]

Traffic-con & Updates

“Even the Gods like jokes.” — Plato The danger in crossing a street in SoHo remains relatively unchanged. Crossing Watts Street, Broome Street or Canal Street is like taking a trip on the Amazon River expecting to not get bitten by something along the way. The cars still block the crosswalks, the drivers still curse […]

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