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Traffic and Transportation in SoHo

September 29, 2021 Re: Pedestrian safety in SoHo Shirley Secunda, Jeannine Kielly, Bob Gormley — Community Board #2 Dear Board Members, It’s been some time since Shirley and I have spoken. We go way back. I’m contacting you because I’ve been keeping track of the myriad pieces of information regarding traffic flow and safety which […]

The State of SoHo and So Forth

“Things change.” –Don Ameche After complaining about traffic in SoHo and warning that pedestrians are being hit by vehicles rushing to New Jersey at an alarming speed — some character in a Jeep decided to accelerate as I was crossing IN the crosswalk, WITH the light, while being watched by a Traffic cop. It took […]

The Politics of Retaliation

“La vengeance est un met que l’on doit manger froid“ –Charle Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord Well, there seems to be a lot of that going around these days. Vengeance, that is. Stay Tuned.

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